The Bible in Acholi langauge

Acholi language

Acholi is a luo Nilotic group found in the Northern part of Uganda and partly in the eastern part of South Sudan. language. According to the population census of 2014 Uganda has approx. 1,500,000 Acholi speaking people. In 1986, The Bible Society of Uganda published the first Protocanon Acholi Bible. In partnership with the Archdiocese of Gulu, a catholic Bible has also been published. Currently, this Bible can be accessed in print, audio and in soft copy. In 2015, the Church requested for the Bible to be revised and this has been going on hope to complete it in 2019.

Acholi Bible Revision

The Northern part of the country has suffered war in the past and the Bible has contributed as a point of reconciliation. It is not about denominations, all church leaders have come together to participate in the revision of the Acholi Bible and contributions are sent to Bible Society on an annual basis to make this a reality.
20% of the Bible has been done and we hope to finalize the revision by December 2019 if funds allow.
Currently, we have the zipped Bibles and the non-zipped Bibles, these can be accessed at Bible House and online.


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You can take part by:
1. Praying for the work of Translation
2. Purchasing an Acholi Bible for yourself, family, church or a friend.
3. Engage daily with the online Bible and recommend it to others
4. Send us your comments that be used to improve our work.
5. Donate to the Acoli Revision Bible project
6. Become a member of Bible Society and support on going translation projects.

1I acakki piny Lubaŋa oketo polo ki lobo. 2Lobo onoŋo tye nono, onyobbe woko atata piny macol ocido wi kut matut, kun Cwiny pa Lubaŋa twago wi pii.

- Acakki 1:1-2

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